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Routines, routines, routines: they’re the backbone of daily life, but have you ever considered how they apply to your [...]

January 5, 2023 READ
Setting Holiday Expectations with your Co-parent

How to align expectations with your co-parent? “Happy Holidays”, “Joyous Kwanzaa”, “Joyeux Noël: ,” “Feli[...]

December 1, 2022 READ
Season greetings, co-parenting
Tis the Season for Thankfulness!

For many, Thanksgiving time gives birth to an intensified interest in the practice of gratitude. But have you ever asked[...]

November 24, 2022 READ
The Holidays are Coming

The holiday season can be stressful for parents and children alike. A little planning can go a long way toward minimizin[...]

November 17, 2022 READ
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What type of Co-Parent are You?

Are you feeling lost on your co-parenting journey? Struggling to find yourself in your new role? KohParenting is here to[...]

November 10, 2022 READ