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Parenting and co-parenting well is one of our biggest challenges today as parents. One just has to read the newspaper daily or watch the evening news to conclude that learning to be a healthy co-parent is a major challenge for most people. Lack of healthy co-parenting skills is a major factor in domestic violence, child and spousal abuse, marital conflicts, and family fights.

This is intended to be a self-help course for parents who need specific tools on how to build a healthier co-parent relationship during a breakup, divorce, separation, or in a blended family situation. These skills can successfully be applied in relationships, with children, and with family members.

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Some parents may need help understanding how assessing their needs and changing their mindset is an intricate aspect of effective and healthy co-parenting. Most parenting agencies help parents understand their child's needs, development, roles, and responsibilities. However, complete co-parenting programs likely do not exist in some parenting agencies.

The lack of comprehensive co-parenting programs leaves a significant gap in overall parenting development. For example, you may want to focus on co-parenting, but you struggle to create a plan of action and need to learn how to implement an effective co-parenting strategy.

Here is where Koh-Parenting Services can help! We offer various services that will teach you tried and tested techniques that you can implement immediately.

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It is important to us that all of our clients understand what we teach, how we teach it, and the options for investing in yourself. Learn more about how our training works.



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