What type of Co-Parent are You?

November 10th


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Are you feeling lost on your co-parenting journey? Struggling to find yourself in your new role? KohParenting is here to help! Let’s explore together a few simple steps that will guide you in finding your true identity as a co-parent. In this article, we will uncover your current parenting style, and how this may help or hinder your relationship with your parenting partner. This information can serve as your road map to successfully navigate the changing dynamics of your family..

The Gist

To figure out what type of co-parent you want to be, take a look at what type of parent you are now. Reflecting on your parenting style can be a great place to start on this journey of self-discovery. As you examine your behavior with an objective lens, you may notice patterns in your habits, and pinpoint strengths and opportunities for improvement. The commonly recognized parenting “types” include permissive/indulgent, authoritarian/inflexible, authoritative/flexible, and uninvolved/neglectful. They are distinguished from each other based on various factors, including the parent’s level of flexibility, responsiveness, affection, handling of conflict, and communication style, and each impacts the child’s behavioral responses in different ways. Your style in parenting situations will typically repeat itself in your interactions with other adults.

There’s no “one way” to be a parent or co-parent, but identifying where you fall on the spectrum can help you predict the outcomes that will result from your approach. This knowledge can empower you to make the changes necessary to meet the goals you have for your relationship with your child and parenting partner. Is your parenting “type” satisfying your needs? Koh-Parenting can help!

Why Does Self-Reflection Matter in Co-Parenting?

All parents carry with them an invisible backpack of memories from their own childhood that shapes their relationship dynamics. These memories may include experiences with their parents (or primary caregivers), such as their style of discipline, communication, attention-giving, etc. Oftentimes these memories reside somewhere deep within us, outside of our consciousness, and can dictate our thoughts and actions without us even realizing it! If you’ve ever started to respond to someone and heard your mother or your father’s voice come out of your mouth, you’ve witnessed this phenomenon in action! Therefore, if we wish to make any life changes- including those related to co-parenting- we must first look in the mirror. Let’s begin by taking inventory of our own parenting style.

Not sure how to self-reflect? We'll show you how. (sf-pt1)

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