Custody Exchange Series Part 2, Troubleshooting Resistance and Other Dilemmas

Last minute scheduling changes. No-shows. Heated conflict. Children crying and clinging. Does any of this sound familiar? Last week, we talked about our 4-step process for peaceful custody exchanges (Missed it? Check it out here: Custody Exchanges Done Right, Part I: 4 Steps To Execute a Peaceful Transition for your Child , but the scenarios […]

Co-Parenting on the Move: Mastering Transitions with Your Child

Transitions and co-parenting go hand-in-hand. First comes the initial transition from romantic partners to parenting partners. Then, countless others follow as families navigate their new dynamic. These changes are tough for everyone, especially for kids who typically do the majority of the shuffling back and forth. In this week’s post, we’ll explore ways that co-parents […]