Mental Health Awareness Month: Addressing Mental Illness in Relationships – Part IV

When was the last time you had a conversation with a loved one about mental health? In today’s world of social media, people share about themselves and their lives constantly, with the click of a button. And yet a stigma exists about mental health that can make many people uncomfortable addressing the topic. This week, […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: The State of Mental Health in Today’s Children and Teens – PART-III

All parents dream of a bright future for their children, a future pursuing health and happiness. A huge factor in the outcome of our hopes and dreams rides on our child’s social and emotional development. What do current statistics tell us about the mental health of today’s young people? And what role does co-parenting play? […]

Mental Health Awareness Month: Supporting Co-Parent Mental Health & Stress Management – PART-II

Is your mental health where you’d like it to be? If you read our newsletter last week, you know that mental health issues are a real and prevalent concern among co-parents, and yet so many suffer in silence. A stigma still persists about mental illness, and oftentimes people feel uncomfortable talking about the challenges they’re […]

Mental Health Awareness Month Series: Co-Parenting and Mental Health – PART-I

Imagine a world where you can discuss mental health openly, without judgment; a world where everyone proactively looks after their mental health in the same way that they get annual physicals, or wear sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun. This is a vision that inspires Mental Health Awareness Month, celebrated every year in […]