We’ve Just Separated; Now What?” Series, Part II: Defining the New Relationship

What happens to the dynamic between two people when a relationship ends? After a breakup, many people completely remove their exes from their lives, refraining from contact or removing any remnants of their existence. But for most co-parents, avoiding each other is not a viable option. You and your parenting partner will be forever linked […]

We’ve Just Separated; Now What?” Series, Part I: What is Co-Parenting?

Are you stepping into 2024 as a newly minted co-parent? You’re not alone: statistically, the first Monday after New Year’s Day is the most popular day for divorce filings. Unfortunately, no one hands you a manual on navigating this major life transition, and diving into the unknown can feel overwhelming. That’s what KohParenting is here […]

KohParenting’s Top 3 Holiday Spending Pitfalls, Solved!

The ads are everywhere: ‘tis the season for spending! Retailers big and small all jump on the bandwagon at holiday time to market their products, and American consumers respond in kind… sometimes with significant consequences to their financial security. What does this mean for you as a co-parent? And how can you and your parenting […]