Top 3 Co-Parenting Conflicts and How to Resolve Them

The road to healthy co-parenting doesn’t follow a straight path; you’re bound to encounter some bumps along the way. At Koh-Parenting, we’ve worked with them all, and we can tell you that with an open mind, some creativity, and lots of collaboration, you can find your way to solutions. Without further ado, we’ve compiled our […]

Kids are People Too: How Co-Parents Can Use a Respectful Approach to Nurture Their Child’s Development

Kids are people too, but do we always treat them as such? As parents, we become so wrapped up in molding our children to become high-functioning, contributing members of society in the future that we can lose sight of where they are today. We expect them to view things through our adult lens while also […]

Choosing Sides: Loyalty Conflicts in Co-Parenting

There are few things more heart-breaking than being rejected by your own child. This can happen to all parents from time to time, but can be especially impactful for co-parenting families. After separation or divorce, kids sometimes struggle to navigate their relationships with each parenting partner and may feel as if they need to take […]

Self-Reflection: The Key to Stepping Up Your Co-Parenting Game

Our mission at KohParenting is grounded in the importance of self-reflection and the key role it plays in co-parenting. Research demonstrates that it can increase effectiveness and satisfaction in parenting partners and children alike. But what does this common buzzword even mean? And how can you harness its power for your benefit? Join us as […]

It’s Hard to Say “Bye”: Co-Parenting and Separation Anxiety

The Gist Separation anxiety is distress or upset experienced by children and adults upon separation from each other. Typically, it impacts young children or their parents, but it can actually occur at any age. Major life events such as parental divorce or separation, trauma, loss, or the start of a new school or new school […]