Summer Survival Tips for Co-Parents

July 6th


The temperature’s heating up, but your co-parenting can still stay cool! The summer ushers in a few months of fun and adventure, but can also throw some curveballs at families. With that in mind, this week we at Koh-Parenting bring you our summer survival guide for co-parents. Read on for ways to weather the summer storms and squeeze the most enjoyment out of the coming weeks.
Enjoy, and happy summer!

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Summertime often seems more relaxing in theory than it does in reality. The season can bring lots of fun, but can create stress for co-parenting families.

Sources of summer stress can include the pressure of high expectations, logistical challenges navigating busy schedules and custody issues, strong emotions triggered by memories from years past, and the strain of depleted resources (including childcare and finances).
Your attitude going into the season rubs off on your child and can dictate the outcome. It can be helpful to accept that summer won’t always go according to plan. Engage in self-reflection to prioritize your goals and identify supports to get you through difficult times.

Communicate with your co-parent to coordinate your plans and rules, keeping your child’s best interest front of mind.

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Summer “Vacation:” A Myth or Reality?

Many people mark a countdown to the start of summer each year, and for good reason! Our society hypes up “summer” as a carefree time filled with quality family bonding, laughter, and sunshine. But does the reality match the myth? Many co-parents would likely say that it’s not always all fun and games, and some co-parents would even call it stressful. In the end, it can leave both parents and kids feeling like it’s anything but a “vacation.”

Summer can be challenging for co-parenting families for a variety of reasons, including:

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