Custody Exchange Series Part 2, Troubleshooting Resistance and Other Dilemmas

July 27th


Last minute scheduling changes. No-shows. Heated conflict. Children crying and clinging. Does any of this sound familiar? Last week, we talked about our 4-step process for peaceful custody exchanges (Missed it? Check it out here: Custody Exchanges Done Right, Part I: 4 Steps To Execute a Peaceful Transition for your Child , but the scenarios we just mentioned are anything but. Unfortunately, we know that they are common occurrences for many co-parenting families. The good news is that there are ways to smooth things over when things go awry. Join us as we troubleshoot some of your most challenging custody exchange dilemmas in part 2 of our series.


Factors such as high levels of conflict between parenting partners, busy or chaotic schedules, and mental or physical illness can make custody exchanges even harder.

Kids sometimes protest custody exchanges. When they do, it’s important for caregivers to remain calm, avoid jumping to conclusions, ask questions and hear their children out, and work together to brainstorm how to make things easier.
Changes to custody exchange schedules may happen. Prepare as best you can, and communicate plans clearly with your co-parent and child beforehand. If your parenting partner is unpredictable, outline a “plan b” for yourself and your child.
De-escalate conflict at custody exchange time by avoiding touchy subjects, keeping conversations brief, and taking a break if things get heated.

The Makings of a Custody Exchange Debacle:

We know that custody exchanges have the potential to be tough, even in the best of circumstances. Transitioning our children between households forces us out of our comfort zone and can trigger mixed feelings. But what can make a custody exchange go from “difficult” to “disastrous?” There’s not always a concrete answer to that question, and sometimes the

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