4 Steps to Synchronize Your Co-Parenting Discipline

June 22nd


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Do you and your parenting partner find yourself arguing over how to manage your child’s behavior? You’re not alone! Discipline is one of the most common sources of conflict between co-parents. We all bring our past experiences and backgrounds into our roles as parents, and as we try to blend those beliefs to raise our children together, we’re bound to encounter some disagreements. This often leads to some hard, stressful conversations. But pushing through that discomfort to find common ground can make all the difference for you, your parenting partner, and your child. In this week’s post, we at Koh-Parenting share our best tried-and-true tips to streamline your discipline and bring peace to your co-parenting.

The Gist

  • The way we discipline evolves based on our past experiences with our own caregivers, who we are as people, and the circumstances we’re facing in our lives.
  • Agreeing on a discipline strategy can be one of the hardest things for co-parents to do, especially if they’re dealing with lingering feelings from their separation.
  • Inconsistent discipline can be confusing and impede children’s learning and development.
  • Co-parents can be most effective in their discipline when they present a consistent, united front. To find common ground, they should each explore their beliefs and values, prioritize and compromise where they can, and then clearly communicate their rules to their child.

How Did We Get Here: Potential Factors That Shape Our Parenting Behavior

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual, so why do we discipline the way we do? Many potential factors play into our parenting behavior, and these may include:

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